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Tips for the Proper Care of your Diamond Ring

  1. Never wear your diamond ring while swimming, especially in lakes.  Rings easily come off wet fingers.

  2. Never allow one diamond to touch another diamond as diamonds scratch diamonds.  Separate all your jewellery with small plastic zip lock bags.

  3. Make sure that you have a separate all risk policy for your diamond ring.  Remember that homeowner's policies only cover a ring usually if they are specifically stolen from the home and you usually have limited coverage. Diamond rings left at home should be kept in a secure preferably underground vault. Your home must be properly alarmed.  Ask your insurance agent for more details.  Use discretion when wearing your diamond ring and other fine jewellery in public.

  4. Check your diamond in the setting on a regular basis to make sure that it is secure in the setting.  If the diamond turns or twirls in the setting immediately return it to your jeweller for tightening.  If the claws are worn down have them retipped.  Your jeweller or preferably your independent gemmologist can check this for you.  Preventable measures such as these will help prevent your diamond from being lost. 

  5. Take your diamond ring off while doing rough work.  Diamonds are hard and resist scratching, however, they are not tough, and they will cleave or split easily if hit in a certain direction. Emeralds are quite fragile and have to be handled with extreme care.  Do not dip emeralds in cleaning solutions.

  6. Have your diamond ring laser gemprinted for proof of ownership, security,  possible insurance discounts, and for 'peace of  mind'. At the same time that the diamond is laser gemprinted have it inclusion plotted.  The inclusion plot is proof to the insurance company that should any damage to the diamond occur that this diamond took place after the time of the appraisal.  Laser gemprinting helps prevent diamond switching.

  7. Take the appraisal with you when traveling to other countries for customs purposes

  8. Keep your appraisals updated.  Appraisals should be updated once every three years. Most insurance companies require that appraisals be updated once every three years. Appraisals more than three years old are considered outdated.

  9. Keep your diamond clean all the time so that it will always appear highly brilliant. Do not use soap as a cleaner as this leaves a film layer which will reduce the overall brilliancy.  The film layer changes the critical angle at which light is totally internally reflected within the diamond.  Proper ammonia based cleaners are available from the Canadian-U.S. Diamond Service lab and will be shipped anywhere in the US and Canada.  Call the lab for further details.

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