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Find My Biggest Bang

The ‘BIG BANG FOR YOUR BUCK’ Diamond Theory

“…’s my budget. What is the largest, certed, finely cut diamond you can supply me with NO negative factors….and for a rockbottom price?”

This is “the biggest bang for your buck” approach with absolutely NO sacrifices in quality. Basically, we’re saving money by keeping the clarity in the VS2 to SI1 range. It’s true, you can put a diamond in the clarity range of VS2 to SI1 next to a VVS1 or VS1 and you CAN’T tell the difference.

As far as the colour is concerned I will not go lower than I in colour. I will stay either at H or I so that the diamond WILL have a white colour.

There is absolutely NO sacrifices made in the cutting grade. We want to maintain an extremely high brilliance. The diamond will have NO ‘negative factors’ whatsoever. No diamond will have a depth percentage over 62.9%. No diamond will have a table over 62%. No diamond will have a thick girdle. No diamond will have fluorescence. At most, faint fluorescence. That is OK.

I would like to know your maximum budget that you would like to work within. THAT’S ALL I NEED TO KNOW!!!! In turn, I will find you the largest GIA or AGS certed diamond that does not sacrifice any quality characteristics at all. The price will be astonishingly low!!!

I will supply you with the GIA or AGS certs of potential “biggest bang for your buck” diamonds. The end result is that you are going to receive the largest GIA or AGS certed diamond (…because it’s certed the quality is 110% guaranteed) with NO negative factors for the lowest imaginable possible price.

Fill in the chart below and then just relax…..I’ll handle the rest. Let me do all the groundwork for you.


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