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USA CERTED DIAMONDS is a division of IGS Inc. Independent Gemmological Services Inc. IGS Inc. was founded in 1979 by Martin Sheffield. IGS Inc. Colin Sheffield continues to run the business today, with a staff dedicated to selling loose diamonds to American and Canadian clients. As we sold more and more loose diamonds the company changed names to U.S.A Certed Diamonds. The name reflects the fact that the majority of our clients are American and that all diamonds sold must have a GIA cert or an AGS cert.

We also have sold many Canadian, British and Australian clients. The majority of diamonds are shipped from New York City overnight Fedex to our clients throughout the U.S. On many occasions we have put our clients directly in touch with the wholesaler in NYC. Over the phone the wholesaler goes over every detail of the diamond’s cut, color, and clarity directly with the client. In this way you are talking to the wholesaler as he is viewing the diamond in the tweezer. Since the diamonds are shipped out-of-state there is no sales tax. We set up appointments for clients in the area to view the diamonds before purchasing. We can also offer this service to clients in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, as well as other U.S cities as well as Toronto.

In many instances we arrange for the diamonds to be shipped to an appraiser in the client’s city so that they can view the diamonds before purchasing.

Unlike a retail store that has high overhead, we keep our overhead to a minimum so that we can charge you the lowest possible price. In fact our logo states that “we will beat the lowest price”!!!!. Also we have access to every wholesaler’s inventory in New York City as well as the rest of the U.S. By scanning every possibility we can come up with the best diamond at the lowest possible price.

As opposed to dealing with other internet companies or jewellers with limited inventories we guarantee you the largest inventory of any North American diamond company.

Every client receives the full and devoted attention from what we term our “diamond councilor”. This diamond councilor has a certified gemological degree and is the person who is dedicated to bending over backwards and not to rest easy till he or she has located that ‘just right’ diamond for you. This diamond councilor that you are appointed will help in every aspect of the sale from helping you with payment details to setting up appointments with appraisers in whatever city you are located in. The first item on the diamond councilor’s agenda is to send you a detailed list of all available diamonds within your parameters so that you have many to choose from. Of course, the diamond councilor will go over the list very carefully to help you select the best ones!!! We will be glad to assist you in securing the exact setting that you desire as well. Through our constant dedicated and devoted service to clients we are known in the diamond industry as ‘settting the standard for client service’. Once again, our logo reflects upon our service when we state: “impeccable service beyond reproach”.

We are now considered one of ‘the top diamond internet companies’ in the U.S. Years of hard work and dedicated service have given us a truly remarkable and unfaltering reputation.

So, let us do the work for you. Just click here to fill in your request and one of our dedicated diamond councilors will be in touch with you either on the same business day or the following business day. From my office I constantly hear the friendly laughter and friendly conversation that my staff is engaged in with all our clients. Our hundreds and hundreds of sincere testimonials speak for themselves. I, Colin Sheffield,  of USA Certed Diamonds constantly get involved with each diamond councilor to ensure that everything runs smoothly for our clients. I spend a lot of time on the phone with each diamond wholesaler trying to get a lower price so that I can even pass further savings on to you. Try us out.

You will be amazed at the level of high professionalism, and the detailed investigative work and research that your diamond councilor will go into to ensure that you receive the highest possible grade diamond for the absolute lowest price. And that’s guaranteed!!!!!!!!

My staff and myself are certainly looking forward to helping you out so that your diamond purchase is a pleasurable and rewarding lifetime experience.