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AGS000 Diamonds Triple zeros

Ideal Polish 0 Ideal Symmetry 0 Ideal Proportions 0

An AGS000 or Triple zero is the absolute highest cut grade that a diamond can have. The very rare combination of ideal proportions, ideal polish and ideal symmetry result in an AGS000 or Triple Zero. It is extremely difficult to locate a diamond where all three cut factors are totally ideal. Once you have all three factors totally ideal..........then BINGO!!!!!'ve locked onto and lucked out on a TRIPLE ZERO!!!! ........AND YOU'VE GOT THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!!.........FOR LIFE!!!! An AGS000 has unprecedented brilliance and fire. The diamond will have a spectacular brilliance that will totally astound you beyond belief. An AGS000 will purely outshine any other diamond!!!!! The fire is truly amazing.......the intense flash of spectral colors or the dispersion is a sight to behold....... the 'spark emitting' scintillation is dazzling..........Guaranteed!!!! An AGS000 or Triple Zero will 'outshine' any of your fiancee's girlfriend's diamonds. Not that there's any race going on. America,--You've never, ever seen anything comparable to the sheer intense brilliance of an AGS000!!!!!!!! Each AGS000 diamond is certified by AGS (American Gem Society). The AGS is the most highly respected diamond organization in the U.S. The AGS cert or DQD (Diamond Quality Document) is the most highly respected, trusting and valued document attesting to the very fine quality of the diamond. Having a totally impartial and unbiased AGS Diamond Quality Document is an absolute 110% guarantee of quality. What exactly constitutes an AGS000 or Triple Zero? To qualify as an AGS000 the diamond must meet the following criteria: Crown Angle----33.7-35.8 degrees. Table----52.4-57.5 degrees. Girdle----Thin, medium, slightly thick. Culet----pointed, very small, small, medium Polish & Symmetry----ideal Pavilion depth 42.2-43.8 percent Having an AGS000 is in itself a built in guarantee that the diamond is "the best there is"and you don't have to worry that the diamond is lacking in any respectwhatsoever. Any AGS000 triple zero will provide a spectral display of unsurpassed brilliance and fire resulting in 'beauty beyond belief'.

"The King of Diamonds" "HEARTS & ARROWS" DIAMONDS

A "hearts and arrows" ideal cut diamond is the absolute finest cut diamond within the realm of AGS000 (Triple Zeros). A "hearts and arrows" with a GIA ideal cut diamond is also a sight to behold. That GIA ideal will of course have an excellent or very good polish and an excellent or very good symmetry. A "hearts and arrows" diamond is EXTREMELY RARE and is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to locate. Less than 1/10th of 1 per cent of every million diamonds cut will display a true "hearts & arrows" pattern. The "hearts & arrows" pattern is immediately recognizable when viewed under a refractive scope. A true "hearts & arrows" will have a crisp, very sharp image of a 'circle of hearts' when viewed from the table-down position and a 'circle of arrows' when viewed from the upright, culet down position while the diamond is placed under the refractive scope. Please see photos. 'Symmetry' and not so much the 'Proportions' is the cause of the "hearts & arrows" effect. The "hearts and arrows" pattern is the result of extremely careful and diligent shaping and total alignment of the facets. All of the diamond's facets (the bezel, star, upper and lower girdle, and pavilion mains) MUST be very precisely aligned exactly 180 degrees opposite each other or else the "hearts & arrows" pattern will not be precise and sharp and will show distortion or partial distortion. A partial "hearts & arrows" pattern is referred to as a "trying to be 'hearts and arrows' " and THAT DOES NOT COUNT as a true 'Hearts and Arrows". While it takes approximately 1 hour to cut the average round brilliant cut diamond once the girdle outline has been bruted, it will take approximately 96 times as long to cut the "hearts and arrows" diamond for the same size, clarity & color with a resulting significantly greater loss of diamond rough. The "hearts and arrows" pattern results from the absolute perfect symmetry of the diamond and not from its proportions. A "hearts and arrows" diamond will be unbelievably brilliant due to the fact that it will undoubtedly disperse more light. Every "Hearts & Arrows" diamond is a result of very precisely cutting each facet at a very precise angle with definite proportions. As a result your eyes can 'feast' on a spectacular spectral show. "Hearts and Arrows" diamonds are characterized by a completely round shape, facets that are perfectly pointed, and the top and bottom facets that are perfectly aligned. The photo on the left shows the pattern that is seen when the diamond is viewed from the table or top of the diamond and the photo on the right is the pattern that is seen when the diamond is viewed from the pavilion or bottom of the diamond. Remember, that you must view the diamond through a refractive scope to see these patterns. EVERY DIAMOND SUPPLIED BY 'USA CERTED DIAMONDS' WILL HAVE A REFRACTIVE SCOPE INCLUDED IN ORDER FOR YOU TO VIEW THE 'HEARTS AND ARROWS' PATTERN. The AGS "Triple Zero" with a "Hearts & Arrows" pattern REIGNS SUPREME as the ultimate, finest cut diamond on this planet!!!!! No Wonder it is referred to as 'THE KING OF DIAMONDS' . If you take an 'AGS000 triple zero' and combine that with sheer perfection in the facet alignment you end up with what's called the 'hearts and arrows' KING OF DIAMONDS. This diamond is the ultimate 'dare to compare' dazzling diamond that will tantalize your visual senses beyond belief. This is the diamond that will stir the embers in your sweetheart's heart and start the passions raging. This is the diamond that 'lives and breathes'!!!!! Truly, there are no words powerful enough in the English language to describe this ulitmate 'King of Diamonds'. I am in the perfect position to arrange for the insured, safe delivery of one of these 'babies' direct from New York City at a stunningly low, low "rockbottom" price. I deal with the few limited major suppliers of AGS000s on a daily basis and can get you prices that will astound you and impress you beyond belief. Take that bold step and make the move!!!!!! I have lawyers, investment and financial specialists, doctors, engineers. computer experts.......and the list goes on......of particular discerning individuals who would settle for nothing less than an AGS000 for their sweetheart.

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