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Message from President

Message from the President

Martin Sheffield founded USA Certed Diamonds in 1995 and was one of the first diamond internet companies. He was a Graduate Gemologist from the GIA and an Accredited Appriaser from the Canadian Jewellers Institute). I Colin Sheffield am Martins son and now running the business. I will personally will take care of every client myself. I handle every step of the transaction to make sure that you end up with the best possible diamond at the lowest price. I work at a very small percentage over my cost in order to ensure that you are receiving the absolute lowest price possible. When choosing a diamond for you I will go through the entire Rapnet Diamond Search Engine to make sure that you are getting the absolute highest grade diamond for the lowest possible price.

I place tremendous importance on the HCA score and strive to supply you with a Modern Round Brilliant cut diamond that has an hca score less than 2.4. You can read more about the HCA by clicking here. In addition to the HCA I also place a lot of importance on the depth % being at the lower end of the ideal range in order that you get maximum spread on the diamond. I might send you a list of up to 100 diamonds. I would then pick the top 3 or so that have a top excellent HCA score, great spread, excellent ideal proportions, and the lowest price possible. If a diamond has fluorescence it will be immediately eliminated if it should cause any milkiness or haziness. Next, I will obtain amazing 360 degree rotating magnified videos of the diamonds, cell phone videos as it appears to the eye, as well as the relevant GIA or AGS reports. Lastly I will have the diamond independently inspected to make sure that it matches the GIA report and does have the proper brilliance that a diamond with an HCA of less than 2.4 should have.

Lately, diamonds from overseas such as India, Belgium, Israel and Hong Kong have been an integral part of the Rapnet Diamond Search Engine. If that exact diamond cannot be located in the US then I will spare no effort in trying to locate the exact diamond that you want overseas.

For all the fancy cut diamonds I will send you a chart with ideal proportions for that shape of fancy cut that you are looking for and will go over all the details concerning whatever fancy shape that you’re interested in. Old European, Old mine cut, and Cushion cut diamonds are a specialty of mine as well. Videos and photos are especially important with fancy shaped diamonds as each fancy shape has its own ‘personality’ and the video is a ‘must’.

Over the many years I’ve been in business I’ve built an amazing team of professionals who help me help you with every aspect of the sale. Regardless of what city you’re in, whether it’s Honolulu, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Boston, New York, Toronto, Vancouver….where ever……I line you up with the right appraisers and jewelers to assist you every step along the way.

I know the high anxiety that can result from buying a diamond over the internet and I’m there every step of the way to ensure that everything runs totally smoothly for you. I’ll avoid you from making any errors during the purchase and will not hide anything from you whatsoever. There is absolute total transparency with every sale.

I’m with you every step of the way. I check the shipping of the diamond and will notify you when the diamond has arrived. I will help you to locate a jeweler or appraiser in your city as well. I have an excellent goldsmith in New York who’s work is amazing. Once the diamond is complete I will do a complimentary appraisal for you for the insurance company.

So please call me and let me assist you in this one important purchase. It might take one to three days from when you call to get on my ‘radar screen’ but once you’re on you’re totally safe and secure and will receive my uncompromised detailed and impeccable service. Before I sell a diamond to you I must be totally confident that you will be thrilled with the diamond and that you will be paying the absolute lowest price.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!

Sincerest Regards,

Colin Sheffield