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Place the diamond table down on the circular black plate. To see the hearts pattern you will position the diamond flat in the centre of the black plate. The side that you use has the circular slightly higher outer ridge and the flat central circular part. The other side will have a central small hole and that side is used to view the ‘arrows’ pattern. Position the circular opening located at the flat end of the scope directly over the diamond. Look through the top circular open position at the top of the scope. View straight down and you will see the circular ‘hearts’ pattern. For better results try cupping your hand around the scope or place a dark cloth around the scope. Note that the flat circular section is placed over the diamond. The diamond would be positioned table down in the center of the black circular surface. You peer down through the upper end. Most of the scopes have three brass knobs at the top. To view the ‘arrows’ pattern you turn the bottom black plate onto its other side. In the center of the plate you will see a small circular indentation or hole. Position the point or ‘culet’ into this small hole. This will enable the diamond to rest on the black surface with the table facing upwards and the point of the diamond in the hole. At this point you position the scope over the diamond and once you peer through the top (the top part has the brass knobs) you will then see the clear ‘arrows’ pattern. Should you require any assistance please call Colin Sheffield (647) 984-4100

Thank you