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Laser Gem Printing

Laser gemprinting is a unique system for registering your diamond or gemstone and is the only 100% accurate means of proving ownership and protecting your valuable diamond.

Gemprinting means that an owner has proof of ownership of his/her diamond. This is essential when leaving a loose or mounted diamond or other gem at a jeweller for setting or repair.
A gemprint is made by using harmless state-of-the-art laser technology in order to create a ‘fingerprint’ of your diamond. Once this laser scan (or “fingerprint”) is stored in Gemprint’s International data base, the police and your insurance company can instantly identify the owner even years after a theft has occurred. Law enforcement agencies worldwide have access into the Gemprint files and seek to match recovered items with their owners.

The laser gemprint pattern or the fingerprint is scanned and digitized, using computer software specifically designed for the system. You watch everything take place right at the IGS Inc. lab. You’ll be truly fascinated and amazed by the process.

Laser gemprinting means peace of mind if you ever leave your diamond anywhere. It’s your protection that you will get the same diamond back. Should you for some reason get back a different diamond Gemprint will act on your behalf to get your original diamond back.

Insurance companies and law enforcement agencies both endorse and fully encourage the use of Gemprinting. Gemprinting is also recognized the Courts of Ontario, Canada, and the United States of America.

IGS Inc. can quickly, safely and inexpensively gemprint your diamond while you watch. The diamond can be loose or in a setting. Gemprinting may mean an insurance discount. On this web site I have included a list of the American and Canadian Insurance companies that offer a discount with laser gemprinting.

A gemprint provides positive proof of ownership and makes possible the recovery of your lost and stolen valuable gems. Should you ever question whether a particular gem is yours, with “Gemprint” you now have a way to prove it.

Laser gemprinting helps to prevent your diamond from being switched. Laser gemprinting is absolutely harmless to your diamond yet it is essential for proof of ownership. Your only assurance that you get the same diamond back to to have it laser gemprinted. The cost for laser gemprinting is $65.00. This fee also includes a diamond inclusion plot that also serves as proof of ownership.

The inclusion plot is a detailed sketch of all the external and internal inclusions that are contained within and on the surface of the diamond. The inclusion plot, as well as being useful in identifying the diamond, also serves as proof to the insurance company that should any damage to the diamond occur, that it happened after the diamond was inclusion plotted. The damaged diamond may have a large chip that would not have shown up in the original inclusion plot. It is still the laser gemprint which is the most important proof of ownership.

Laser gemprinting is done right at the lab while you watch. You watch the digitalized image appear on the computer and the actual gemprint is captured by the computer and the form is instantly printed out to you. The IGS Inc. main compluter downloads the image to the main Gemprint computer.

Laser gemprinting may also mean an insurance discount. Zurich, Dominion of Canada and a host of other companies in Canada and the United States offer a 10% discount. IGS Inc. is the only gem laboratory in Ontario, Canada that performs laser gemprinting. You may call Gemprint directly should you have any further questions about laser gemprinting. Their phone number is 1-888-GEMPRINT.