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U.S.A Certed Diamonds is our operating name for our U.S clients. Our incorportated name is Independent Gemmological Services Inc. or IGS Inc. IGS Inc. as well as U.S.A Certed diamonds are located at 121 Bay Street Gravenhurst, Ontario, P1P1V4. IGS Inc. is a full service high tech gemmological laboratory serving the Toronto area residents and specializing in diamond certification, laser gemprinting and jewellery appraisals for insurance purposes. U.S.A Certed Diamonds specializes in obtaining only GIA & AGS certed diamonds at the lowest possible prices for clients throughout the U.S. The majority of our diamonds are shipped direct from New York City to our many clients throughout the U.S. IGS Inc. has been in business since 1979. U.S.A Certed Diamonds has evolved from IGS Inc. and has been in business since 1997.
Our mission statement “……to bend over backwords and help every client obtain the highest grade GIA or AGS certed diamond at the lowest possible price”. We work together with every client at a very close, personable level and we get just as excited as they do about every purchase. We’re with the client every step along the way and we make the diamond purchasing experience a smooth,enjoyable and educational experience. We watch out for our client’s best interests. We make sure that every diamond has NO negative factors and we don’t hide a thing. Every aspect of the diamond sale has absolute ‘full disclosure’. We’ll sell the diamond to a client based on our cost at the absolute lowest price possible. Please feel free to contact any of our many satisfied customers. IGS Inc. is committed to educating the client on every aspect of purchasing a diamond. 

By bank wire transfer………
The best way to pay for a diamond is by bank wire transfer since no credit card charges are incurred. Bank wire transfers are made payable to Independent Gemmological Services Inc or IGS Inc. Bank wire transfers do not change currencies and are always done in U.S. dollars. Simply visit your bank and forward them all the details. Please contact Colin Sheffield (647) 984-4100 for all the banking information required to do the bank wire transfer.

Credit Cards………

Visa, Mastercard and Amex are accepted.

Certified cheques……….

You may send a certified check made payable in U.S dollars to Independent Gemmological Services Inc. Please send the certified check by Fedex overnight.

Regular checks………

You may pay by regular check made payable in U.S dollars to Independent Gemmological Services Inc. Your diamond will be sent to you as soon as the cheque clears. Usually, within a week.

Whatever method you use for payment, we want to thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diamonds are always shipped fully insured either by UPS or Fedex. Extremely high value diamonds are shipped by Brinks. Please remember that signatures are required upon receipt of diamond so it is often best to send the diamond to your work address where there will always be someone available to sign for the diamond. All diamonds are shipped on an overnight basis and arrive the following morning. Should the diamond not arrive at the expected time you would immediately call Colin Sheffield (647) 984-4100. I will immediately obtain a tracking number for you and find out why the diamond has been delayed. Often time, if you live a considerable distance from a larger, major city, the diamond could arrive later in the afternoon.

The diamond is shipped along with the original GIA or AGS document. With Hearts and Arrows diamonds a refractive scope is sent along for viewing the hearts and arrows pattern. Since this scope is only going to be used a minimal amount of times when the diamond is loose, it would be very much appreciated if the scope could be returned direct to the diamond wholesaler in New York City. Please click here for instructions on proper use of the scope in order to see the Hearts and Arrows pattern.

The refund policy is 7 days from date of receipt of the diamond. The client is responsible for insured return shipping charges. The client must fully insure the diamond when returning. The receipt specifically states the return policy. You are issued a detailed receipt at the time of the sale. Diamonds that are shipped to clients that have been set prior to shipping are not returnable and not refundable.

Once you receive the diamond you look up the phone number to an independent, impartial and unbiased gemologist appraiser. You can usually find such a trained person by checking in the yellow pages under appraisers or gemologists. You do not want to take the diamond to someone who will be trying to sell you a diamond because then they may simply down grade or purposefully ‘knock’ the diamond just so that they can sell you one themselves. You simply tell them when scheduling the appointment that you simply want a verification that the diamond you have matches the GIA or AGS cert. I would advise showing the appraiser the GIA or AGS cert. Also, you want to watch them when they are performing the verification. They can prove to you that the diamond matches the cert by a combination of various methods. The weight of the diamond will have to match the weight as specified on the cert. The dimensions will match. The inclusion plot will match. Sarin reports will show the angles, proportions, and measurements to match. Remember too that the gemologist’s gauges will not be totally accurate if they need calibrating or require servicing. If for any reason the gemologist gets one reading that does not correspond to the GIA or AGS cert, then be calm and DO NOT jump to the conclusion that you have the wrong diamond. Chances are that the gemologist made the error or his equipment needs calibration or servicing. GIA and AGS very rarely make mistakes and their equipment is in peak, prime condition. The chance of you receiving a diamond that does not match the cert is extremely, extremely slim. Should you encounter any problem of any nature whatsoever at the independent verification please contact myself, Colin Sheffield (647) 984-4100 immediately.

After you have completed the verification your next step is to find the mount. There are several ways to go about doing this.
1. Visit different jewellery stores in your area and have them make up a mount for you.
2. At the time you take the diamond in for verification, you may want to ask the gemologist if he can recommend a goldsmith in the area who you could see directly who could make up the ring for you. You could also locate goldsmiths by looking up ‘goldsmiths’ or ‘diamond setters’ in the yellowpages. You are then dealing directly with the person who is making up the ring for you. This goldsmith would be more than happy to be receiving this work order from you.
3. U.S.A Certed Diamonds have a large number of basic solitaire designs in 14kt. and 18kt. yellow or white gold designs as well as platinum. These settings are featured in the settings section of the website. The setting of your choice is sent to you for an extremely reasonable price. It is possible to design your own setting right on this website. We will quote you a very reasonable price for any design you choose. You’ll have to let us know your finger size of course. We’ll know the exact dimensions of the diamond so that once you receive the setting from us it’s simply a matter of locating a diamond setter to set the ring into place.
Should you have any difficulties or apprehensions about leaving the diamond for setting, then we can arrange for our setter in New York City to complete the job for you.

U.S.A Certed Diamonds is with you every step along the way. At the end, you’ll feel great wearingyour ring and knowing what a superb GIA or AGS certed diamond you have and the unbelievably low price you ended up paying for the diamond!!!!!!!

That’s a good question!!!! For complete proof of our integrity please review the following sections:

1. Martin’s credentials.

2. Have your bank manager contact Colin Sheffield’s bank manager at The Bank of Nova Scotia 905 731-8009. Please ask for Mr. Michael Ford. Or, simply call directory assistance for the Toronto area and ask for the main number to The Bank of Nova Scotia. They will in turn give you the branch number that I specified.

3.  Independent Gemological Services (U.S.A Certed Diamonds) are members of the highly respected organizations of Polygon (1 800 221-4435) and Rapnet (212 354-9100).

5. Once you’ve sent payment for a diamond you are welcome to call myself, Colin Sheffield (647) 984-4100 and I’ll let you know exactly what stage of the transaction we’re at. I’ll bring you right up-to-date with the transaction status or the diamond delivery status immediately.

Please feel free to call myself, Colin Sheffield, at anytime to discuss any matter related to your diamond purchase. You will not get anywhere near this type of personal service and satisfaction with any other diamond internet company. Remember that USA Certed Diamonds is part of an extremely high tech. gemmological appraisal and certification laboratory that is fully accredited. We have a G.G.and an F.G.A. on staff at all times to ensure that you receive the right diamond.

No Problem!!!!!! You would either wire transfer the funds or pay by credit card. You are responsible for clearing customs. Fedex or UPS would act as your customs broker. You would pay Fedex or UPS the duties. The duties would include 10% excise tax, 7% GST, and provincial sales tax.
Alternately, Independent Gemmological Services Inc. could clear customs for you. I would discuss everything with you in full detail. Every province is a little different.
If you are ordering from other countries outside of the U.S. or Canada, please remember that you are responsible for customs duties into your country. Also, shipping and insurance charges apply. Both Fedex and UPS are very reasonable for their shipping charges.
If you are ordering from Canada, or from any other country, you will find that even after you pay your duties on the diamond, you will still end up with a much nicer diamond for a significantly lower price than what you could obtain in your own country!!!!!!!!!!!!

U.S.A Certed Diamonds is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 11:00PM (Eastern StandardTime) and on Saturdays from 7:00AM to 6:00PM. U.S.A Certed Diamonds is closed on Sundays. Our telephone number is (647) 984-4100
Our email address is

Our web site address is

I, Colin Sheffield of U.S.A. Certed Diamonds am always available to assist you everyway possible. Should you run into the slightest problem I am as close as your telephone. I’ll bend over backwords to help you out with every aspect of the sale. Should you have any concerns call me immediately. I’m always available and easy to reach.

You are welcome to contact any one of our staff who will be more than pleased to help you out every way possible. Please meet our staff.

The entire staff of U.S.A Certed Diamonds is “at your service” and more than willing to help you in everyway possible in order to make your diamond shopping experience a joyful and pleasurable experience. In fact you’ll even have fun purchasing your diamond. You’ll even feel as though you’ve made true friends by the time you’ve purchased your diamond. You will be impressed by our sincerity, and genuine desire to assist you to the absolute maximum. You just can’t come close to doing better anywhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!