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Why USA Certed Diamonds



‘USA Certed Diamonds’ guarantees that you are receiving lowest possible price on any diamond purchase. We work at just a few percentage points above our cost to ensure that you are receiving a truly low, rockbottom price that nobody can beat!!!


‘USA Certed Diamonds’ is with you every step along the way. We meticulously guide you through everything so that the whole diamond puchasing experience is pleasurable and comfortable. You will feel totally at ease. From explaining everything about the diamond in full detail, to supplying you with a tracking number, to helping you find a jeweller etc. etc. we’re with you ‘every step along the way’. We’re fully accessible and will diligently respond to as many questions as you may have. The staff is truthful and honest with all their answers to you. The bottom line is this: the staff at ‘USA Certed Diamonds’ want to make sure that you get the absolute best value for your money. Even though you may decide that you are going to puchase a particular diamond if there is a better one out there you can be assured that our staff member will surly inform you. Our logo is “impeccable service beyond reproach”.

Free Shipping

No charge overnight Fedex insured shipping for all diamond purchases.


USA Certed Diamonds has a database of well over 50,000 diamonds to choose from. We virtually have every diamond wholesaler’s inventory at our fingertips. Within minutes any one of our staff members can find you the exact diamond you are after no matter where in the country it is located.


At ‘USA Certed Diamonds’ all the staff members are either Graduate Gemologists, FGA’s, or recipients of gemological degrees from recognized institutions. Each staff member puts their ‘heart’ into the sale and ‘bends over backwards’ to do everything possible for you to ensure that you receive the absolute best value when purchasing a diamond. Each staff member is extremely courteous, polite, and will take a personal interest in you.

Free Insurance Appraisal

Once your diamond is set ‘USA Certed Diamonds’ will provide you with a free appraisal for your insurance company. Remember that it is crucial and essential to always have a diamond ring insured with an ‘all risk’ policy that covers you for any type of loss.

Purchasing Options

‘USA Certed Diamonds’ has several very convenient ways to purchase a diamond.

Method # 1

You purchase the diamond first. The diamond is then shipped to you Fedex insured overnight for next day pickup at the Fedex Holding Depot closest to where you work or live. You have a full 7 days from date of receipt of diamond to return the diamond for a refund. Longer time periods may be arranged. The only expense incurred is for the return insured shipping of the diamond.

Method # 2

Prior to purchasing the diamond(s), the diamond(s) is shipped to an unbiased independent appraiser in your city. You arrange a viewing with the appraiser and only take the diamond if you approve after having seen the diamond(s) at the appraiser. This way you take advantage of the extremely low internet price, plus you have the benefit of viewing the diamond prior to purchasing. ‘USA Certed Diamonds’ will guide you through every step along the way. You are however, responsible for paying the appraiser for his services and any return shipping fees. Appraiser service fees are extremely reasonable.

Method # 3

No matter what part of the country you live in, you can arrange to have the diamond sent to one of the top appraisers in the U.S. There is an elite group of appraisers who are ‘the best’ in the country and based on what this appraiser had to report on the diamond, you would then make your decision. The diamond would then be shipped directly to you from the appraiser. This method is particularly advantageous to clients who live in smaller cities and the independent appraiser is too far to travel to.

Method # 4

‘USA Certed Diamonds’ can arrange a private viewing of the diamond between you and our exclusive diamond supplier. This method works very well when the particular diamond that you want is located at a diamond wholesaler in your city. This service works very well for clients in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco plus numerous other cities.

USA Certed Diamonds is committed to peak professional performance to ensure that you come away thoroughly satisfied. Take advantage of our super low prices, our superior service, our huge selection and our many purchasing options. As President of USA Certed Diamonds, I, Colin Sheffield give you my personal assurance that at USA Certed Diamonds you will receive the best value diamond for the lowest price and the best service!!!! This I promise.